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Kairos Services provides affirmative action and EEO consulting services to companies across the U.S. Our strategy is simple, provide accurate and timely analyses and compliance solutions that exceed industry standards and client expectations. 

Our History

Kairos was founded in 2002 by Marshall Mendez, a former OFCCP SWARM Operations Director. Under his guidance, the company has grown into an innovative consulting firm dedicated to providing a complete affirmative action and EEO compliance solution to companies looking for a trusted partner for their affirmative action program development.

Track Record of Excellence

Kairos’ industry-leading track record speaks for itself, with nearly 100% of audits closing with notices of compliance. Our long-standing relationship with the OFCCP, partnerships, and liaison groups continue to keep Kairos at the forefront of workplace risk mitigation and compliance strategies.

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Client Satisfaction
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What Our Clients Say

Susan D.

Kairos is always thorough and makes themselves readily available to answer any questions or concerns. Further, they have assisted our company when we have been selected for audits and we’ve always had excellent results. Most recently, we were selected for a Section 503 audit. We were one of the first companies to have an audit of this kind. We were so thoroughly prepared with Kairos’ help that we were awarded a Certificate of Merit. This distinction would never have been possible without their expert guidance.

Peter P.

I imagine you’re reading this because you are considering a partnership with Kairos. The good news is, you’ve found a firm that knows exactly what they’re doing, and they can help guide you to achieve your goals. Each year our annual AAP is compiled in a timely manner, and Kairos staff are available to answer any technical questions that we might have.

Stephanie W.

The deliverables and compliance services I have received from Kairos are second to none, but it is their customer service and dedication to their clients that have kept me coming back. Whether your company is just starting your road to compliance or are looking to change your affirmative action consulting partner, I highly recommend you consider using the Kairos team.

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