OFCCP Audit Consultants


All of our compliance specialists have extensive OFCCP experience in affirmative action and EEO compliance.

KAIROS SERVICES, INC. audit services focus on the following four-stage audit process:

  • Pre-OFCCP Desk Audit
  • Pre-OFCCP Onsite Audit
  • Onsite Technical Assistance During the Regulatory Audit
  • OFCCP Offsite Audit (Including Post Onsite Audit Activity)

The Pre-OFCCP Desk Audit and Pre-OFCCP Onsite Audit conducted by our OFCCP audit consultants replicate OFCCP procedures and methodology. Our audits include facility inspections, detailed review of employment policies and practices, verification of documents that serve as the basis of the Affirmative Action Plan, accessibility evaluations, investigation of adverse impact determinations, preparation for interviews with employees and managers, and other related areas. The focus of our audits is identifying actual and/or potential problem areas that OFCCP may likely find and correcting those problems before the regulatory agency identifies them. Our staff is also available to our clients during the OFCCP’s onsite and offsite review to assist in every phase of an audit.

Whereas other consultants may try to fit your business into a generic Affirmative Action Plan formula, our OFCCP audit consultants create a tailor-made solution for your business and its needs. No two companies are exactly alike, so you should never settle for a plan that attempts to be “one size fits all.” With Kairos Services Inc., you’ll find that our experts work closely with you to ensure you’re receiving the exact kind of service you need to successfully complete an OFCCP audit.

Our audit preparation process can involve four key steps, depending on whether an onsite is needed: pre-OFCCP desk audit, pre-OFCCP onsite audit, onsite technical assistance, and assistance post-onsite with any follow-up requests. The pre-audit steps help us get a clear picture of what your business needs to reach full compliance and provide guidance regarding the best solution.

Whether you’re expecting – or are already in – an OFCCP audit, our compliance specialists can help. Call us right away at 972-369-0015 to inquire about our services.

If you are not involved in an OFCCP audit but are on the scheduling list to be audited or would like Kairos to conduct an audit to identify any compliance issues, please give us a call as soon as possible so that we can start planning your strategy right away.