EEO-1 Reporting

Kairos provides EEO-1 report filing services that will enable your company to comply with the online EEO-1 Report filing requirements. This includes receipt of data, assessing data for consistency, identifying missing information, ensuring locations are correctly mapped to filing specifications, creating the appropriate “Type” reports, and entering all numerical data into the online filing system.

Why Prepare EEO-1 Reports?

The EEO-1 Report is a demographic survey mandated by federal regulations. All employers with at least 100 employees – and federal contractors and first-tier subcontractors with 50+ employees and $50,000+ in contracts are required to file an EEO-1 Report annually. The report requires companies to report the number of its employees by EEO-1 job category, sex, and race/ethnicity. The “workforce snapshot period” can be any date between October 1st and December 31st.

What Does OFCCP Do With My Data?

These reports have been used by OFCCP to generate lists of companies to audit, and with the advent of OFCCP’s new Contractor Portal are becoming increasingly important – as OFCCP will expect any company filing the EEO-1 report and identifying as a federal contractor to annually certify their affirmative action plans have been developed and maintained – under penalty of perjury – through their Contractor Portal.

Let us Help You

The EEO-1 filing system and rules are not always clear or easy to understand. Our EEO-1 report filing service lifts the stress and burden off your shoulders. We will ensure all necessary data is collected and compiled for submission in a timely manner so that you have the best possible reports with the least burden on your time.

Our experts and professionals will work with you closely to ensure the reports are done timely and accurately.