Customized EEO & Affirmative Action Training for Managers

For those looking to train their current staff on the intricacies and details of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance, Kairos Services, Inc., can help with its customized EEO and affirmative action training for managers. This option allows companies to bring the authority and expertise of EEO compliance from Kairos Services, Inc., into their company with affirmative action training for HR.

KAIROS SERVICES, INC. designs, develops and delivers highly interactive training programs to Human Resources professionals as well as managers and supervisors on a wide range of EEO and Affirmative Action and related topics. Each training program is customized to meet the needs of each company, its industry and the training participants.

These custom programs help managers and supervisors learn the vital EEO compliance strategies and methods that we have been providing to clients for years. With EEO training for managers from Kairos Services, Inc., businesses can develop their own expert and reliable compliance departments.

KAIROS SERVICES, INC. training programs are developed and delivered by Affirmative Action and EEO experienced trainers and are designed to achieve a high level of interaction with participants.

Sample EEO compliance training for managers and supervisors topics include:

  • Basic Affirmative Action Concepts (Affirmative Action 101)
  • The OFCCP Regulations: How Can I Avoid the OFCCP

  • THE AAP: Understanding – Analyzing – Taking Action – Getting Results
  • The OFCCP Compliance Process – Methodology & Compliance Reviews
  • Record Keeping, Data Collection and Monitoring
  • Impact Ratio Analysis: How Bad Things Can Happen to Good Managers
  • Discrimination and “Back Pay”: What They Are and How to Avoid Them
  • Train-the-Trainer: HR Managers Convince Management to Do the Right Thing
  • Outreach and Recruitment Strategies: Targeting to Increase the Pool
  • The Importance of “Disposition Codes” and Strategically Managing Your Applicant Pool

Contact our company today learn more about our customized EEO and affirmative action training for managers and get started upgrading your business’s compliance department today.