OFCCP collects tens of millions of dollars annually from compensation settlements. What would they find if they audited your company’s compensation practices? 

Kairos Compensation Analyses are designed to highlight issues OFCCP would find in an audit of your company’s job groups and job titles.  Our analyses are conducted in the exact same way OFCCP conducts its preliminary analyses.  Additional analyses may be conducted by ‘Pay Analysis Groupings’ or other similar unit(s) of analysis. 

Turning gears

Take advantage of these reports to identify areas your company should review to determine whether compensation inequity exists in your workforce. Kairos provides reports in a number of groupings to prioritize and narrow down areas which may require additional scrutiny. 


  • Job Group

  • Job Title

  • Custom


  • Total Compensation

  • Base Compensation


  • Overall Workforce

  • All Employee

  • Significant Indicators

  • Significant Differences

See our Compensation Reports announcement which further details a contractor’s requirement to annually evaluate their compensation system for gender-, race-, or ethnicity-based disparities.