OFCCP Compensation Analysis

OFCCP collects tens of millions of dollars annually from compensation settlements. What would they find if they audited your company’s compensation practices? 

Kairos’ Compensation Analyses are designed to highlight issues OFCCP would find in an audit of your company’s job groups and job titles – and more – highlighting intersectional race/ethnicity and gender disparities. Our reports provide tools to enhance your review as well as insights into explanatory factors that may be driving disparities.

Another benefit of an OFCCP compensation analysis is that you’ll gain a better understanding of how the OFCCP thinks and works as well as their priorities when auditing a business. This will, in turn, help you prioritize your business’s efforts or make the necessary changes to minimize surprises during the audit and to ensure your employees are being paid fairly.

Take advantage of these reports to identify areas of potential compensation inequity that may exist in your workforce. Kairos provides reports in a number of groupings to prioritize and narrow down areas that may require additional scrutiny and help you achieve equity in your workforce’s compensation. Conducting annual OFCCP compensation analyses will give you peace of mind when you receive your audit scheduling letter, you will have no need to panic or worry about what OFCCP will find. Get in compliance as soon as possible with a compensation analysis that will help you prepare for (or eliminate!) questions OFCCP will be asking.


  • Job Group

  • Job Title

  • Custom


  • Total Compensation

  • Base Compensation


  • Overall Workforce

  • All Employee

  • Significant Indicators

  • Significant Differences

See our Compensation Reports announcement which further details a contractor’s requirement to annually evaluate their compensation system for gender-, race-, or ethnicity-based disparities.