Vets-4212 Reporting Deadline – September 30

The deadline will be here before you know it! In a compliance audit with OFCCP, you will be asked to provide copies of your reports so be sure you save a copy of your submission.  Federal contractors are required to file Vets-4212 reports if they meet the requirements detailed below. [...]

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Marcus Stergio Appointed as OFCCP Ombudsman

The U.S. Department of Labor just announced the appointment of Marcus Stergio as OFCCP's Ombudsman. Originally announced by directive in September 2018 (DIR 2018-09), OFCCP's Ombud Service will provide an impartial and independent perspective to enhance communication between OFCCP and external stakeholders. "The Ombud Service fits squarely within the Office of Federal Contract Compliance [...]

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Excel Training for HR Professionals

Kairos is proud to launch our Excel Training for HR Professionals workshop. This workshop will teach your team to master some of Excel’s most powerful features, saving you countless hours collecting, reconciling and utilizing your HRIS and ATS data. Visit for more information or call us at 972-369-0015.

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2019 National ILG Conference Recap

Highlights from OFCCP Director Craig Leen’s Comments OFCCP Director Leen provided insight into the agency's current and future direction at the 2019 National Industry Liaison Group Conference, detailing plans extending as far as three years.  In his opening remarks to a packed auditorium in Milwaukee, Director Leen stated: "If you remember one thing from [...]

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NORC EEO-1 Component 2 Website is Live

The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) opened their EEO-1 Component 2 website yesterday, providing information and instructions to Federal contractors for their 2017 and 2018 filings.  Based on Kairos’ initial assessment, the information contained on the site is consistent with the original Component 2 submission requirements previously published by EEOC. You can access the [...]

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EEO-1 Component 2

If Kairos currently files your EEO-1 reports, we will send custom templates for each year identifying what data to pull. If you want Kairos to file your Component 2 report, please reach out for a quote. Kairos has been keeping a close eye on news related to EEO-1 Component 2. The latest update provided [...]

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EEO-1 Survey: What We Know

As most of you are aware, a U.S. District Judge mandated the EEOC reinstate the compensation and hours worked portions of the EEO-1 Report, referred to as Component 2 "Pay Data," resulting from a lawsuit filed against the OMB. Over the past couple of weeks Kairos has been monitoring EEOC's website for concrete information regarding the [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: EEOC Informs Court that it is Able to Undertake and Close Collection of 2018 EEO-1 Component 2 Data by September 30, 2019

Last month Kairos reported the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia vacated the 2017 stay which delayed the implementation of EEOC’s pay data collection and indicated “the previous approval of the revised EEO-1 form shall be in effect.” At that time, Judge Tanya S. Chutkan issued a deadline to EEOC to inform employers whether [...]

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OFCCP Releases List of 3,500 Establishments to be Audited

OFCCP just released the long-awaited Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) in the OFCCP Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Library.  Unlike previous CSAL announcements, this list was posted only in the online FOIA Library without mailing advanced contractor notifications to individual establishments. CSALs notify establishments that they will undergo a compliance audit (likely in the [...]

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2018 EEO-1 Portal Open for Component 1 Data

The 2018 EEO-1 portal is now open to file your Component 1 Data. This is the standard report filed annually which currently does not require Component 2 EEO-1 pay data. The window for filing is March 18 - May 31, 2019. The contact listed on the prior year's report should have received an email [...]

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