OFCCP Releases Updated Disability Self-ID Form

Update Required to OFCCP Disability Self-Identification Form (CC-305) The OFCCP has updated the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form (CC-305), which includes new language and additional examples of disabilities. The existing form expires May 31, 2023. Federal contractors and subcontractors must integrate the revised form into their applicant and employee systems no later than July [...]

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OFCCP Announces 2023 Contractor Portal Deadline Details

OFCCP Contractor Portal Certification: March 31 – June 29, 2023 The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Contractor Portal Certification is an annual requirement for federal contractors and subcontractors who are subject to nondiscrimination requirements and responsible for developing written affirmative action plans. The certification process requires contractors to log into the [...]

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California Pay Data Reporting Updates

California Pay Data Report Filing Requirements for 2023  California has taken significant steps towards promoting pay equity by requiring certain employers to submit annual pay data reports. The California Pay Data Reporting law (SB 973) aims to identify and rectify pay disparities by collecting and analyzing pay data from employers based on race, ethnicity, [...]

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2023 Mega Construction Designees

OFCCP Releases Fiscal Year 2023 Mega Construction Program Designees The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has recently renewed its focus on construction contractor audits, signaling an increased commitment to enforcing equal employment opportunity and affirmative action regulations within the industry. Contractors working on federally-funded construction projects should be prepared for increased [...]

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Don’t Miss the Deadline: Federal Contractors Must Certify AAP Compliance by June 29, 2023

OFCCP Contractor Portal Opens March 31 Through June 29, 2023 The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is opening the Contractor Portal on March 31, 2023. You must certify compliance no later than June 29, 2023. Don't miss the deadline—certification is crucial to avoid potential complications, including increased risk of audit down [...]

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OFCCP Megaproject

A better understanding of the program's goal The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has launched its Mega Construction Project (Megaproject) Program. The program is an initiative within the agency’s broader construction enforcement and outreach program to promote equitable hiring and fair workplaces by federal contractors in the [...]

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Ensuring Online Job Postings are Compliant and Accessible to Individuals With Disabilities

Creating Accessible Online Job Postings for Individuals with Disabilities There are several steps that employers can take to ensure their online job postings are compliant and accessible to individuals with disabilities: Provide alternative formats: Offer alternative formats such as large print, audio recordings, or Braille for individuals with visual impairments. Use proper formatting: [...]

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Kairos Celebrates Women’s History Month

In Honor of Women's History Month March 1st marks the start of Women's History Month! This is a time to honor and celebrate the contributions and achievements of women throughout history. All the trailblazers of the past and today breaking barriers in their fields, women have played a vital role in shaping our [...]

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Veteran Inclusion and Increasing Veteran Self-Identification

Practices for Veteran Inclusion and Increasing Veteran Self-Identification One of the best ways to increase veteran inclusion in your company is to actively seek out qualified veteran candidates for open positions. This can be done through partnerships with organizations that focus on helping veterans transition into the civilian workforce, such as the U.S. [...]

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Auditing Your Applicant Screening Process

Reasons Employers Should Audit Their Applicant Screening Process Federal contractors should audit their applicant screening process to ensure that it is in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Non-compliance with these laws and regulations can result in significant legal and financial consequences for employers. An applicant screening process audit can help to identify [...]

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