Audit Scheduling Letters to be Released Soon

OFCCP just released the Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) in the OFCCP Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Library found at this link. CSAL notifies establishments that they will undergo a compliance audit, likely in the current scheduling cycle. Five hundred (500) companies were included in the list. Receipt of this email does not mean you’re being audited; it’s informational only. Kairos has reviewed the scheduling list and is notifying clients included on the CSAL of next steps.

Kairos does not have an exact timeframe for when companies will receive their scheduling letters. It will likely occur within the next week to four weeks. After receiving the scheduling letter and itemized listing, you will have 30 days to submit your Affirmative Action Program (AAP).

Learn more about our OFCCP Audit Consulting Services by clicking here.

If you are not involved in an OFCCP audit but are on the scheduling list to be audited or would like Kairos to conduct an audit to identify any compliance issues, please give us a call as soon as possible so that we can start planning your strategy right away.

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