OFCCP just released a new list of companies it will be auditing for both Supply & Service and Construction reviews in the OFCCP Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Library. OFCCP added two brand-new review types, “Accommodation Focused Review,” “Promotion Focused Review,” and “Construction Compliance Check” – though it has yet to release any information about the format or content of these reviews.

We have reviewed the CSAL list and reached out to you already if we have identified your location on the list, though we recommend you review the list just in case we missed it – searching by both address, company name, and establishment name columns.

These audits may only begin to be scheduled in the next 9-12 months (or longer) – but that is no excuse to wait until it is too late to make sure you are compliant. OFCCP is being extremely meticulous in its latest Section 503 audits, aggressively enforcing compliance with veterans and individuals with disabilities regulations as well as increasing their focus on hiring and compensation disparities.  Ensure proper data collection and recordkeeping systems are in place and all required positions are being listed with the local State Employment Services. Take the time to conduct your annual documented VEVRAA and Section 503 Self-Audit (see our portal for a word-version of the form).