Just last week, OFCCP released its scheduling letter for Section 503 (Disability) Focused Reviews, providing new procedural details to Federal contractors. This first round of Focused Reviews will include on-site reviews of only CORPORATE HEADQUARTER locations. 

Review this checklist to see how prepared you are:

  • Are you ready for OFCCP to conduct onsite interviews with managers responsible for EEO and ADA issues? Have you formally appointed and trained an employee to handle these matters?
  • Do you have written policies and procedures for handling reasonable accommodation requests? This is a best practice that goes a long way toward compliance.
  • Are your managers trained to handle requests from employees?
  • Are you documenting accommodation requests and their final disposition?
  • Are you properly engaging employees in the interactive process?
  • Have you done outreach with organizations that target individuals with disabilities? If not, start by reviewing OFCCP’s list of organizations (page 2 of the PDF).
  • Have you put any of OFCCP’s Best Practices in place for creating an inclusive workforce?
  • Have you completed your required annual assessment of your outreach and recruitment efforts, evaluating each effort separately and identifying new efforts for the coming year? Check out our template at our Client Portal (included in the Veteran and Disability Regulations Self-Assessment Toolkits).
  • Have you conducted your required annual self-audit for Section 503? Check out the template available on our Client Portal in the same toolkit mentioned in the previous bullet.

For more information, visit OFCCP’s new FAQs and portal. For questions, contact us by phone or e-mail, we’re here to help you achieve compliance.